Dissemination activities of the project

Dissemination activities of the project

Dissemination activities of the project 1726 796 Fundación Oso Pardo

Over the last few months the dissemination activities of the project have been ongoing to raise awareness of the brown bears’ situation in the Cantabrian interpopulation corridor, the strategy to improve connectivity and also about the need to promote a good co-existence between the conservation of the bear and human activity in the territory.

In February 2016 the project coordinator, together with the FOP president, have participated in the “V Charlas Medioambientales” (5th Environmental Talks), organised by the Palencia Association of Environmental and Forestry Agents, in Cervera de Pisuerga, where they presented the latest data on the connectivity between the two Cantabrian bear populations and the activities of project LIFE. In March 2016 the project was presented at the Social Ecology Conference, organised by Triodos Bank in San Sebastian. In April 2016 the project’s plans and outcomes were presented at the 3rd conference on the Conservation of Biodiversity organised by the University of Salamanca.

April 2016


Posters announcing some of the presentations of the LIFE Defragmentation Bear project.


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