Environmental Education Program

Environmental Education Program

Environmental Education Program 1000 750 Fundación Oso Pardo

In the last months of the LIFE Bear Defragmentation project, an environmental education program aimed at all students in the municipalities of the project has been developed, to raise awareness about the importance of conservation of the brown bear and to disseminate this message through their families. The campaign has been carried out in schools in the project’s municipalities and in centers of the most important villages in the surroundings, which are attended by many students from the area. A total of 23 environmental education activities were carried out, in which 836 students participated, consisting of seven lectures-debates held at the Secondary Education Centers (IES) of La Robla, Boñar and Pola de Gordón, five interpretative routes along the corridor for students of the Primary and Secondary Schools (CEIP) of La Pola de Gordón, Ciñera, Villamanín, Huergas de Babia, La Vecilla, La Robla, La Magdalena and Boñar, and eleven storytelling activities for children and primary students of this schools and those of Matallana and Riello. As work material for the field routes, a didactic workbook has been edited, based on the material used in other educational campaigns of the FOP.

December 2016

Interpretive route with school children in the cantabrian brown bear interpopulation corridor .

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