Hiring of local unemployed for planting work

Hiring of local unemployed for planting work

Hiring of local unemployed for planting work 3456 4608 Fundación Oso Pardo

In October 2015 the second sowing campaign of the LIFE project has got under way. As in the previous campaign, a work team has been sourced from local unemployed people to carry out the planting. They have been directed by the field team and technicians on the project.

In this second campaign, and bearing in mind the good results from the previous season, 15 people have been hired from the municipalities of Cármenes, Pola de Gordón, Sena de Luna, Valdelugueros, Vegacervera and Villamanín. The gang will undertake the work between October 2015 and April 2016. In the majority of the sowing areas we are able to count on the services of a spider excavator, hired from a forestry company, which helps with the hole-digging and clearance, enabling the good preparation of the holes for better final results. In hard-to-access areas the gang dig the holes manually. Given the high yield of the work and the availability of sowing areas, and with plenty of locally sourced plants, the project is forecast to exceed expectations and plant over 80,000 autochthonous trees in the interpopulation corridor.

October 2015



Cuadrilla de plantación del proyecto LIFE Desfragmentación Oso accediendo con el material a una de las zonas de trabajo para la plantación de bosquetes de especies arbóreas autóctonas

LIFE project plantation gang accessing with the material to one of the working areas for planting native tree species.

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