Planting with volunteers

Planting with volunteers

Planting with volunteers 4608 3456 Fundación Oso Pardo

On the 9th April volunteer activities got under way again with the planting of connectivity forests for the brown bear in the interpopulation corridor as part of the LIFE project. A group of 58 volunteers planted 300 autochthonous fruit trees in acquired terrains for the project in the Gete valley, in Cármenes municipality. Management teams from the Biosphere Reserves of  Alto Bernesga, Los Argüellos, Babia and Omaña-Luna have collaborated, as well as the associations La Mediana, Los duendes de Tolivia and Lacerta and the Collalampa sports club. After the trees were planted, the volunteers and the FOP team enjoyed a field meal containing local products and an interesting debate about the situation of the brown bear and about the measures for its conservation.

In 2015 volunteers from partner company Gas Natural FENOSA had already helped plant trees and harvest seeds with neighbours from Cármenes, and during 2016 it is planned to continue with the planting activities to finalise the connectivity forests in Gete.

April 2016


Group of volunteers who participated in the planting of fruit trees for the bear under the project LIFE Defragmentation Bear

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