Planting with volunteers from GAS NATURAL FENOSA

Planting with volunteers from GAS NATURAL FENOSA

Planting with volunteers from GAS NATURAL FENOSA 605 454 Fundación Oso Pardo

On Saturday 17th October, volunteers planted a part of the project’s acquired terrains in the Gete valley (Cármenes, León). The 20 volunteers taking part in the planting are employees from Gas Natural FENOSA. The work was undertaken within the framework of the energy company’s Corporate Environment Volunteer Programme and in collaboration with Fundación Global Nature. Gas Natural Fenosa have partnered the Bear Defragmentation LIFE project since the beginning and have contributed to its co-funding.

The work comprised the planting of 150 trees that are beneficial for the bears (wild cherries, whitebeam and crab apple) in land acquired for the project, to improve trophic availability for the bear in an area of great importance within the interpopulation corridor. The volunteers received preliminary explanations on the development of the plantation, The work was coordinated by the LIFE project team and ended with an outdoor picnic and an interesting debate about the project and the conservation of the brown bear. The experience was very satisfactory for both the volunteers and the company.

October 2015


Voluntarios de Gas Natural FENOSA plantando árboles frutales en el corredor interpoblacional del oso pardo cantábrico

Volunteers of Gas Natural FENOSA planting fruit trees in the interpopulation corridor of the Cantabrian brown bear.

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