Purchase of land for the project

Purchase of land for the project

Purchase of land for the project 1143 643 Fundación Oso Pardo

Among the activities of the LIFE project is the purchase of disused agricultural lands for restoration. This makes possible the planting of connectivity forests and favours the demonstrative effect, allowing restoration and monitoring actions, voluntary activities, environmental education and other types of activities that contribute to disseminate the aims and outcomes of the project and to favour the long-term implication of the FOP in the territory.
After painstaking work locating the areas of interest and the potential farmland for sale, and which comply with the eligibility criteria demanded by the LIFE programme, the decision was made to concentrate the purchases in an area of the Gete valley, in the municipality of Cármenes. The area possesses excellent conditions for restoration and plantation and is well supported locally. In December 2015, we have acquired 19.9 ha and initiated restoration and the planting work.

December 2015


Zona del valle de Gete (Cármenes, León) en la que se localizan las fincas adquiridas por la FOP en el marco del proyecto LIFE Desfragmentación Oso

Gete valley area (Cármenes, León) in which the farms acquired by the FOP are located

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